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11mm Dyneema® Extension Rope x 27.5m (90') £192 (ex VAT)

11mm Blue Dyneema® Extension Rope x 27.5m (90'), rated at 12,600 kgs (27,720lbs). Comes with a Hook & Thimble one end and Thimble the other. Made in Europe from Dyneema® SK78 High Modulus Polyethylene Fibre.

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The 11mm  DYNEEMA® EXTENSION ROPE  x 27.5m (90') FEATURES:

 This is a 11mm Dyneema® Extension Rope, (for when your winch rope is not quite long enough), comes ready rigged with a hook and thimble one end and thimble on the other.

  • Rated at 12.6T, (27,720lbs) this rope is ideal for 9,000, 9,500 and 12,000lb winches.
  • An immensely strong 12 strand synthetic winch rope made from Dyneema® SK78 High Modulus Polyethylene Fibre.
  • As a result this creates an incredibly robust, strong and lightweight safer alternative to wire rope.
  • Once manufactured,  the Dyneema® rope is heat set under tension to ensure durability,  uniformity and maximum strength.
  • The rope is very light,  easy to handle and very strong.
  • Easily spliced does not kink or curl up like wire rope.
  • It floats.
  • Less effort in use does not kink or curl,  safety in use.
  • No more wire rope ‘spikes’ to catch in the gloves.
  • A lot lighter and safer than a wire rope.
  • Ideal for extension winch ropes as well.
  • If it did break, the Dyneema® rope will not flail.  A very important safety feature.
  • UV stabilised giving the rope a long and safe working life.
  • Very durable due to its good resistance to both mechanical and environmental attack.
  • Not affected by oil or water.
  • Dyneema® rope is just as strong, whether being used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions.
  • Another reason to use Dyneema® rope is that it stretches very little, even under full load.
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Dyneema® is a registered trademark of ROYAL DSM N. V. and is produced in accordance with ISO 2307:2019