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ATV 3000 5mm winch rope £44 (ex VAT)

Dyneema UseCare and Use of Dyneema

5mm x 15m  Dyneema®  winch rope,  ready rigged with red safety hook For ATV/GP 3000.

 ATV 3000  5mm  Dyneema® winch rope ready rigged x 15m

The 5mm Dyneema® rope is ideal for the ATV 3000.  The 5mm Dyneema winch rope comes ready rigged  x 15m and may be no bigger than a piece of string in diameter, but it is a very strong.

  • Very light easy to handle very strong
  • Easily spliced does not curl floats
  • Highly visible and easy on the hands
  • Less effort in use does not kink safety in use
  • No more wire rope ‘spikes’ to catch in the gloves
  • Dyneema® is a registered trademark of royal dsm n.V.
  • If it did break, like any wire rope could do in a ridiculous Scenario, dyneema® bowrope will not flail. Very important.