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Bowmotor '1' 5.6HP motor £192 (ex VAT)

Bow '1 '4000rpm/5.6HP. Will suit most winches - brilliant quality, large brushes in brass holders. c/w standard fixing bolts. The Best on the market Please note: these motors do not fit on Warn 9.5ti, 9.5cti and HS9500                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Bowmotor '1' 5.6HP motor

Our famous Bowmotor '1' 5.6HP, 4000rpm motor is 175 x 112mm long and has 20 splines.  No load AMPS 44. Very reliable winch motor.   It has large brushes and holders and comes complete with fixing bolts as standard. Will fit TDS, EP, X9 and some Warn winches.  Will not fit the Warn 9.5ti, 9.5 cti and HS9500. This Bowmotor '1' is also a direct replacement for the Superwinch Husky motors.  If ordering for a Superwinch Husky, add a note to ask for the circlip groove to be added to the splined shaft. They feature heavy duty copper armature windings, which are copper welded to the commutator, with highly efficient ball bearings at each end. Four enormous long lasting brushes enable the motor to run cooler. Other motors available are Bowmotor '2': https://goodwinch.com/product/bowmotor-2-5000rpm-6-8hp/ And, Bowmotor '2 Plus': https://goodwinch.com/product/bowmotor-2-plus-6000rpm-8-0hp/ We also have spare brush packs in stock: https://goodwinch.com/product/bowmotor-brush-sets-for-bow-1-and-bow-2/
When changing your motor, why not uprate you solenoids at the same time.
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