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Bridle 2m x 24mm £26 (ex VAT)

Bridle 2m x 24mm includes 2 Large 'D' Shackles.


Bridle 2m x 24mm

The 2m x 24mm Bridle is supplied with 2 FREE large 'D' Shackles. They are professionally spliced. We would recommend that a ‘bridle’ is always carried and, whenever possible, used to reduce the shock loads on attachment points when carrying out a recovery. Possible additions for your recovery kit: KERR Rope: https://goodwinch.com/product/kinetic-recovery-rope/ Gloves: https://goodwinch.com/product/gloves/ Shackles, both Soft and Galvanised: https://goodwinch.com/product-category/winch-accessories/shackles-soft-galvanised/ Spare Swingaway Pulley Block: https://goodwinch.com/product/medium-swingaway-pulley-block/ Tree Strops: https://goodwinch.com/product-category/winch-accessories/webbing-tree-stops/ Or even a Winch Blanket: https://goodwinch.com/product-category/winch-accessories/winch-blanket/