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Goodwinch GP1 Hand Winch 1.5T nominal £179 (ex VAT)

Goodwinch GP1 Handwinch, 1.5 tonne nominal (800kg SWL), c/w 20m x 8.3 mm wire rope

Even if you have already got an electric winch on the front of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to take with you one of our Goodwinch GP winches for either pulling yourself backwards out of trouble or pulling fallen trees to one side.

If you haven’t got an electric winch, better buy one now! Either an electric one, or a GP hand winch!


The Goodwinch GP1 Hand Winch 1.5T nominal pull (SWL 800kgs), comes with a 8.3mm x 20m wire rope and telescopic handle. The size 1 hand winch weighs approximately 17kgs and is for smaller 4x4's. Each Goodwinch GP winch comes complete with a telescopic operating handle and a wire rope carrier. Being completely independent of any power source, these GP hand winches may be attached to suitable recovery points on the front, rear or either side to aid recovery. Can be operated, horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  Shearing pins break at 25% overload and the handle bends at an overload of approximately 50%.  Spare shear pins are located in the handle. These Hand Winches are virtually maintenance-free, and has an accurate operation.   The body is made of high-strength cast aluminium with low own weight. Manufactured to standard: BS EN 14492-1:2006 The size 1 is the lower one in the picture. We have all three sizes of hand winch in stock.  For most 4x4's the Size 2 is the best one to have. Goodwinch GP2 Hand Winch ideal for most 4x4's:  https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-gp2-hand-winch-2-5-tonne-nominal-c-w-20m-x-11mm-wire-rope/ Goodwinch GP3 Hand Winch for large trucks and forestry work: https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-gp3-hand-winch-5-tonne-nominal/ Supplied with an E.C. Certificate of Conformity. GP Manual