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High Quality Winch Cover £35 (ex VAT)

 Manufactured in black military spec Cordura heavy duty fabric, designed for most low profile winches with a front cover flap to cover the hawse, together with the rope and hook.     


Introducing our high quality winch cover.  Designed and made in the United Kingdon. It covers the top and sides of the winch. It also to covers the rope hawse to stop water and road filth from entering the front. Apart from protecting the winch from the weather, it also hides the rope which invariably these days is Dyneema Bowrope. For those that have a low profile winch with the solenoids above the motor (i.e.: TDS-9.5c, an EP9 or similar), simply roll up a piece of sacking, or an old towel or something, to fill the space above the drum to level the top off. You could of course stow the winch hook on top of the tie rods and under the packing. TDS-9.5c https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-tds-9-5c-9500-lbs-12v-or-24v/ TDS-9.5c Bow 2 Powered https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-bow-2-powered-high-speed-commissioned-tds-9-5c-12v/ TDS-12.0c https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-tds-12-0c-with-solenoid-pack-12000-lbs-12v-or-24v/ Bow '2' Powered TDS-12.0 https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-bow-2-powered-high-speed-tds-12-0c-with-solenoid-pack-14400-lbs-12v/ These superb winch covers are made from high quality black military spec Cordura heavy duty fabric fitted with webbing straps behind and  underneath to secure it. These are also good for protecting our Radio and Communication Tower Winches  https://goodwinch.com/product-category/winches/radio-communications-tower-winch-system-raising-and-luffing-aerial-masts/