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Goodwinch Recoverline Kinetic Recovery Rope (Kerr) £50 (ex VAT)

GOODWINCH ‘RECOVERLINE KINETIC RECOVERY ROPE (KERR)’ [A] – Recoverline 8m x 24mm (27′ long) 8 strand Nylon. Shown here with Bridle [B] – (Includes 2 FREE 3/4″ ‘D’ shackles). The Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope literally stores energy to assist in the vehicle’s recovery. In effect, the rope’s nylon fibres work like elastic – the more you pull it with the tow vehicle, the more it stretches, until it reaches its maximum elongation. At this point, there is an enormous amount of energy stored within the rope and, hopefully, the stuck vehicle will be wrenched clear. This is how it earned its early name of ‘snatch rope’.

Optional Extra

The KERR was originally developed by H&T Marlow back in the Seventies for military use by the British Army and others. Nearly three inches thick, it was designed to retrieve 60 tonne battle tanks – a little excessive for private off-road use! So, in the Eighties, David Bowyer worked with Marlow’s design team to develop a smaller version for use with off-road vehicles. After months of experimentation, lengths of spliced eight-strand rope, 24mm in diameter, and eight metres (27 feet) long, were found to be ideal for Land Rovers-sized vehicles. The name given to this rope was Recoverline – the rope sold by David Bowyer today. Each rope is professionally spliced with protected soft eyes using the eight-strand, 12 tonne rope. The multiplait design prevents kinking and hocking. Bridle Ware: It is recommended that a ‘bridle’ is always carried and used whenever possible to reduce the shock loads on attachment points when carrying out a recovery. Our bridles are 2mx24mm, professionally spliced, and supplied with two FREE three quarter inch shackles. EVEN if you don’t think you’ll have any use for the KERR, no-one should venture off-road without a decent tow rope. A good, ‘keep it In the back’ polypropylene tow rope is ideal for the job. We can supply a 4.5mx24mm, three strand, eight ton rope, professionally spliced with a soft eye at each end, including a FREE three quarter inch D shackle.     Kinetic Recovery Instructions kinetic recovery