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Goodwinch Turbo '2' Power Controller £323 (ex VAT)

For operating a twin motored competition winch giving an instant, on the fly, 24 volts to your two Bowmotor powered winch for high speed 'winch in'. Complete with harness and 'in cab' switching panel.

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Our Goodwinch Turbo '2' Power Controller was designed and tested by Goodwinch.  This model is for use with Twin Motored Winches.

Designed to be operated by a switch in your cab and to give instant on the fly 24v power to your motors.   This puts the controller into standby mode for running the winch with two batteries in series when you operate the hand control.  A sensor cable fitted to the solenoids tells the controller when the when the 'winch in' control has been pressed.  This in turn will immediately push out 24v.  You can only winch in on 24v, not winch out. The controller will briefly over volt your motors, but it will not ask too much of your winch.  As you are still charging at 12v, the winch voltage will drop  after some serious winching from 24-26 down to 18-22 volts.  Our motors are happy with this briefly, as you are not really over volting too much for too long. You will need 2 batteries to run the Power Controller, one for the vehicle and an auxiliary one. And, also a decent alternator. This unit comes with all the wiring, harness and 'in cab' switching panel and fitting instructions. For those challenge enthusiasts with the single motored winch: : https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-turbo-power-controller-3/