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Large BakRak Winch Mount £96 (ex VAT)

UK made Large Bak Rak Mount designed to take most winches up to 12000lb. (4-5 tonne)


Made in the UK from 5mm steel and powder coated black,  this large BakRak Winch Mount weighs approx 9kg.  Designed to take winches up to 12,000lbs. These strong and easy to use  modules are all centred on a unique component that converts the sphere of the 50mm tow ball to a shape that locks into a specially made hollow enclosure. These units will fit a 50mm tow ball, both standard and removeable of fixed swan-neck types. With a unique sprung loaded ‘Clam Shell’  made from cast stainless steel, it  grips the sphere of the tow ball.  For winch mounts, the ‘Clam Shell’ rotates to allow the winch rope to be pulled square onto its drum.  For most other applications, a 12mm setscrew or locking lever secures it onto the tow ball at the desired angle. Simply drop the ‘Clam Shell’ over the tow ball, followed by the appropriate unit, locate the lock pin or similar device to secure the whole unit into place, tighten the 12mm setscrew or locking lever to stop it from rotating as required and it’s ready to use. We use these on our TDS-12.0 Portable winches: https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-portable-tds-12-0-winch/ And, also on our TDS-9.5i Bridge Model BakRal winch unit: https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-tds-9-5i-bakrak-winch/   We also have our small BakRak winch mounts for winches up to 4000lbs.  https://goodwinch.com/product/small-bakrak-winch-mount/