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Radio & Communications Tower winch systems £ (ex VAT)

Take the strain out of raising and luffing aerial masts - Fit a winch system specially prepared by Goodwinch Limited Tower Winch (davidbowyer.co.uk)

Also available -  Spare Wire ropes & Winch Covers

Wire rope prices


  Radio & Communications Tower Winch Systems from Goodwinch

  David Bowyer, (M1AEI),  has for some time now,  been preparing Radio & Communications Tower Winch Systems for 40, 60, 80 and 100 ft Strumech Versatowers. He also prepares systems for other models like Radio Structures, Westower, Altron and Tennamast. The winches are 12v and we recommend that you use a 85amp/hour Deep Cycle Leisure battery. The specially prepared narrow drum TDS-12.0  winch systems come ready made up on galvanised back plates with spacers as required to ensure that the back plate does not interfere with the front tube. We reposition the solenoids with remote wiring to keep the weather off them. The rope fixing hole on the drum is prepared to get the original mast rope through twice. We also disable the freespool (the yellow knob). Finally, we fit an Anderson quick disconnect fitting on the end of the winch supply cables and another on a battery harness with battery posts on the other end.  We then bench test and run the winch. The special prices for fellow Radio Amateur enthusiasts is £675 plus carriage and VAT for 40 and 60ft standard Strumech Versatowers and 60, 80 & 100ft heavy duty towers.      Carriage is £30 plus VAT (UK mainland excluding offshore islands and the Scottish Highlands). For the smaller towers we have the ATV 4000 winch system at £299 plus £18 carriage and VAT. We also have replacement wire ropes for Strumech Versatower.  These are 6 x 19 fibre core wire ropes for 40', 60' and 80' Towers. https://goodwinch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Wire-rope-prices-1.pdf    These are not available via the website, but please contact Goodwinch at: sales@goodwinch.com  or contact David to order them. We also recommend out Goodwinch Winch Covers to keep the weather off of your Tower winch  https://goodwinch.com/product/goodwinch-high-quality-winch-cover-2/ For further information and knowledge on radio towers, please speak to David Bowyer who is always happy to give advice.  His website is:  www.davidbowyer.co.uk NB: We keep all the spares for our winches in stock.    

40 & 60ft standard Strumech Versatowers with small to medium head loads using the TDS12.0

60, 80 & 100ft heavy duty towers especially with heavy head loads using the TDS-12.0

ATV 4000 winch system