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Safety Swivel Hook 7-8mm dia. £30 (ex VAT)

7-8mm Dia. Safety Swivel Hook with Ball Bearing

7-8mm Dia. Grade 80 Self Locking Swivel Safety Hook with Ball Bearing 

This 7-8mm dia. Grade 80 Self Locking Swivel Safety Hook with Ball Bearing is made from high quality alloy steel weighs approx. 1kg. The Ball Bearing allows the hook to swivel under load and rotate 360 degrees and the latch closes automatically under load. It has a SWL of 2000kgs with a safety factor of 4:1. This hook is suitable for both chain and synthetic ropes. We have supplied many of the hooks on our 11mm Dyneema Rope for the Emergency Services.  https://goodwinch.com/product/dyneema-bowrope-rope-4/ It is made to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC Annex (1B) and Standard goods Manufactured to EN1677-3. The relevant Certificates can be supplied. We also have 10/8 Large Safety Hooks  https://goodwinch.com/product/large-yellow-safety-hook-3005-2/ And, 13/8 Safety Hooks  https://goodwinch.com/product/13-8-hook/ We also have Double Hooks, which is 2 x 10/8 large hooks with a component connector https://goodwinch.com/product/double-hook/