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Have your Winch Serviced

We carry most of the spares that you are ever likely to need for all Superwinch X9 and Husky electric winches. Not that you would need much as both models are so reliable…. But, if they get abused or damaged, never serviced, or taken into deep muddy water too often then we can help you out.

Treat your winch to a heavy duty replacement waterproof 5.6 HP Bowmotor or a 4,2 HP Iskra series wound electric motor and a set of Albright solenoids.


When ordering parts from these lists, always quote the winch serial number and the part number (NOT the item number) of the spare part required. This will ensure that the correct part is despatched to you. The serial number of your winch is located on the blue or yellow data plate or on the support casting.


Click Below for parts diagrams.


ATV 4000 parts list

TDS-9.5c & 12.0c Parts List

TDS-9.5i & 12.0i parts list

TDS-16.5 parts list

TDS-20.0c parts list

(Everything with a tick beside it is what we have, but always contact us to make sure they are in stock)

Husky Parts List Husky Parts List (2)

Click below for Assembly Instructions for X6 or X6CD and 1st series X9 with the plastic freespool lever Planetary Gear Carrier.

X6/X6CD Assembly Instructions



Bowmotor and Iskra replacement motors and prices

Bowmotor Leaflet

Three high specification replacement series wound winch motors for all Superwinch and Goodwinch electric winches.

JK8A8117 cropped 



Service your Gigglepin winch

Supply, maintain and service the complete range of Gigglepin winches using genuine Gigglepin parts where required.

Alternatively if you prefer to return your winch for repair, please see below.


GP100 001



Our expertise and knowledge gives you total peace of mind when sending your broken or ‘well over-due for service’ Winch for ‘sorting out’. We don’t just service a winch, we completely strip, degrease and clean, re-grease and reassemble using new components where necessary (usually only drum bearings and gaskets etc), commission and bench test. All this for just £100 plus return carriage, spares as required plus VAT. We can completely refurbish your winch including re-powder coating, please ask for a quotation.

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